Cisco and the Looming Inevitability of IT in Security

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Cisco Systems will make its Medianet network management architecture available to third-party vendors of IP video surveillance equipment as part of a new strategy to drive sales of network infrastructure through the physical security channel.

ASIS 2011: Firetide Wins Houston Contract

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Firetide has deployed a wireless surveillance network for the City of Houston, supporting some 300 high-definition IP cameras in the city's two-square-mile downtown area.


Sponsored Video: L-1 Identity Solutions' 4G Access Control Readers

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In this video, sponsored by L-1 Identity Solutions, Shiraz Kapadia, chief operating officer of L-1 Identity Solutions Enterprise Access Division, walks through each of the three products in the line.


Podcast: March Networks Discusses Fraud Detection Tools for Banking Industry

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In this podcast, Paul Novak, general manager, Global Financial Solutions for March Networks, discusses the RoI tools like Searchlight SD offer banks by increasing their fraud detection and reaction rates, improving investigation productivity and cutting investigative costs by as much as 50 percent.

Special Features

Security Squared Examines PSIM

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Physical security information management (PSIM) began emerging last year and stands to be a hot topic at ISC West. Who really has PSIM solutions and how do those solutions compare? When vendors talk connectors, interfaces and gateways, what do they mean? Security Squared interviewed integrators, analysts and vendors to get a better picture of PSIM and other unified management concepts for security systems in a series of articles we are publishing today.